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TruAtlantic, an affirmative action employer, has 44 (and growing) committed coworkers. We enjoy working for TruAtlantic  while living in and around Kernersville, N.C.

We perform many functions such as manufacturing, reverse engineering, tooling design and fabrication, supply chain support, accounting and administrative support. TruAtlantic  has a TEAM focus on delivery of a quality product for our customers!

As individuals we strive to provide exceptional service to our customers. We work hard to achieve the vision and mission of the company.

We want coworkers whose personalities embody the values of TruAtlantic:

  • Safety . . . adhering to safety standards to protect our greatest resource
  • Quality . . . setting the standard for our competitors
  • Integrity . . . doing the right thing all the time
  • Innovation . . . providing customized and creative solutions for our customers
  • Creating Value . . . providing products and process that customers and investors are willing to pay for that employees are able and willing to provide
  • Customer Focus . . . always understanding that our customers are No. 1

Our Benefits:

We provide a full range of benefits for our coworkers. Unique benefits we offer include:

  • Relocation Program – We have families that specifically move to the Kernersville, N.C., area to work for TruAtlantic and for qualified candidates, we offer financial assistance.
  • Training – We take great pride in offering a full range of training options for our coworkers. These options include in-house training, factory schools and tuition reimbursement for those earning a degree.
  • Volunteering – We encourage our coworkers to be involved in our community.
  • 401(k) and Health – We also offer a company-matched 401(k), medical, prescription and dental insurance, flexible spending accounts, life insurance and long- and short-term disability. We provide uniforms with cleaning service paid for by the company.

Employees of TruAtlantic are required to be drug- and alcohol-free when performing their functions during work to ensure the safety of themselves, co-workers and customers. Therefore, all employees participate in the TruAtlantic  substance abuse program.

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